Book Review: Into Africa Essay

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Into Africa: Book Review Into Africa by Martin Dugard, is a unique retelling of one of David Livingstone’s last expeditions through Africa. Martin Dugard lives in Orange County, California and is an accomplished writer and adventurer. Martin Dugard accurately provides his readers with an inside look at his characters motivation and inner thoughts. Dugard has also written several other nonfictional history books that showcase his desire to display his characters psychological processing such as Killing Clinton, published in 2012, and Killing Lincoln, published in 2013. Into Africa was published in 2003, by Doubleday, a division of Random House, inc. in New York, NY. Dugard uses the book to prove his thesis that Henry Morton Stanley and …show more content…
Their British hero was alive and well.
When news of Livingstone’s disappearance got to the United States, James Gordon Bennett Jr., publisher of The New York Herald, saw his dissappearance as an opportunity to increase his newspaper sales. Bennett thought that if he could be the first newspaper with Livingstone’s most recent news, he could leap ahead in the newspaper market. With that in mind, Bennett sent Henry Stanley, a newer journalist at The Herald, to Aden, located on the south western border of present day Yemen. Stanley would wait for Livingstone for two and a half months before he got orders to cover a different story and abandon Aden.
In October of 1869, three and a half years into his expedition, David Livingstone was helpless. He was an old man who needed to be rescued. Livingstone had been so sick and so worn out, he was physically unable keep travelling forward and too impaired to travel back to the coast. Stranded in Bambarre, the only way Livingstone was going to get back to his loved ones was if someone rescued him.
October of 1869, James Gordon Bennett, Jr. was in Paris distancing himself from a gold conspiracy unraveling in the United States. Although he didn’t play a big role in the conspiracy, it was still best to keep his distance. Another problem Bennett was facing was how The Herald reported on the conspiracy. If The Herald did not report on the situation Bennett could be accused of covering up. What Bennett needed was a distraction.

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