Book Review : Fly The Nest Essay

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Fly the Nest Triumphantly embarking on the path unknown by unfurling the wings of ambition and severing the ties that bind. That path is independence. Those ties are hometown dependency. “The notion that one can pick up and move to a location that promises better opportunities has long been an important part of the American mystique” (Molloy, Raven, Christopher L. Smith & Abigail Wozniak, 2011). However a recent survey by the Pew Research Center shows that the number of Americans settling down is on the rise. Of the 2,260 people surveyed internationally, “57% say they have not lived in the U.S. outside their current state: 37% have never left their hometown and 20% have left their hometown (or native country) but not lived outside their current state” (D’vera Cohn, & Rich Morin, 2008). A shameful revelation considering that for an individual, leaving your hometown can provide personal growth, monetary gain, and provide greater educational opportunities than if the individual would remain geographically stationary. In essence, going out and seeing the world beyond offers exposure to ideas, concepts, and possibilities, not easily discovered within the confines of the familiar. Indeed, one of the most compelling reasons to branch out to an unfamiliar city is the financial benefits it can provide.
Fiscal Benefits
The opportunity to pursue a higher quality, better paying career is one of the greatest benefits to departing home. In Greenblatt’s Millennial Generation, the author…

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