Book Report On ' The Book Thief ' Essay

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Kabir Fakoya

Book Thief
Shootings, bombing, riots. Humanity seems as if it was getting ready to fall apart and explode. As if there is no more room for hope. Contrary to what some might believe, this isn’t the case. Markus Zusak, the author of The Book Thief, realizes that humanity is more than a destructive force. Zusak is inspired by humanity 's ability to be hopeful and beautiful in times of devastation and despair. He shows this by showing the reader inspiring moments in a time of hopelessness to prove that there 's still hope for humanity.
In the Book Thief Zusak shows that is inspired by humanity by showing beautiful times in the midst of the worst events. Some could say that he actually isn’t inspired humanity because of all the horror he shows in the book. In one instance the author shows a Nazi soldier beating Hans for giving a Jew a piece of bread “A new hand held Liesel’s now, and when she looked in horror next to her, Rudy Steiner swallowed as Hans Hubermann was whipped on the street. The sound sickened her and she expected cracks to appear on her papa’s body. He was struck four times before he, too, hit the ground.” (394) This could be seen as a low point for humanity where a soldier, someone that is supposed to protect their country, beats a citizen of their own country severely for assisting someone that needs it. Zusak uses imagery to show how devastating the blows are and makes it more dramatic to emphasize the irony of a soldier beating a citizen of…

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