Bonnie and Clyde Essay

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In the opinion of most Bonnie and Clyde where the most famous and most romantically involved criminals in American history, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were two young Texans having and early 1930s crime spree before my time of birth would forever leave their legacy to be criticized by many and envied by most. Most people only live to tell the story of what was expected, but I am here to state the facts of who Bonnie and Clyde really were, grasping your attention, making your mind run full with imagination and placing yourself in the era owned by Bonnie and Clyde the 1930's.

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker born October 01, 1910, Clyde Chestnut Barrow born March 24, 1909, both from Dallas, Texas and
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Clyde taught himself how to play Jazz and blues instruments such as the Saxophone, and like Bonnie wished to further in a music life of fortune, due to Clyde brother Buck this never happened due to bad influences and learning’s of the misguided ways of crime. Their will for stardom did come into their lives before their short ill-timed life span, but not that as what they wished, it was spread of mainly false information making life somewhat difficult only in a negative aspect of infamous all over the television screens and magazine covers. For the most part it was not banks that was robbed, it was little mom and pop country stores and gas stations, for the most maybe 15 banks had been robbed by the duo, knowing this was to complicated. This also meant not enough money was got through the small stores, more stores and to be robbed, and the risk of getting caught had a bigger doorway. Bonnie swore she wanted the last name of Clyde, but this would never happen. She married a man by the name of Roy Thorton, at the age of 16. Infamous for being a womanizer as was said, Roy was more in the same business as his wife Bonnie and her mister Clyde, robbing much bigger places as such banks. This caught up to him and he landed himself in a prison for many years learning about Bonnie and Clyde pursuing a life of passion, crime, and an ambush of blazing bullets, although Bonnie was married to Roy her heart belonged to Clyde with both wearing wedding

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