Blue Ocean Strategy Essay

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Blue Ocean Strategy Paper

A Descriptions of Blue Ocean Strategy and it's Importance Blue ocean is a slang term that comes from the book "The Blue Ocean Strategy," by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. Blue ocean describes the opportunities of vast, untapped market spaces that can be developed by expanding market boundaries or launching new industries. In any established market, many businesses are in constant battle with each other for sales and customers. This is compared by a blue ocean because in a blue ocean many sharks will fight to the death for the ocean. This is also an example of red ocean; because of the battle between the many sharks, just like businesses fighting for customers and sales, blood appears
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A great majority of wines all have an aging process that are over taken in to great consideration. Another thing about traditional wines is that a majority of them come from a prestige vineyard. Having all wines coming from a vineyard does not make the wine any more exquisite than the other traditional wines. For the traditional wines, the wine taste is different in all wines but some how still the same. The traditional wines like red wines will have a harsh taste to them while white wines are sweeter. There's great competition between these wines because it may be hard to distinguish the different tastes between all the wines. Another thing with all traditional wines is that every wine company sells a great diverse range of wines that cover all varieties of grapes and any preferences the consumers may want. For "Yellow Tail" they are the blue ocean strategy because they appeal to a bigger population than just the wine market. Though they appeal to a bigger population they do not have a great big selection of wines like traditional wines do. For traditional wines they have a red ocean strategy because they must compete with many other traditional wines out there in the wine market. Though they have a bigger competition they also have a great selection to choose from.
For every product and service there will be a blue ocean and a red ocean that must be dealt with in the business in order to

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