Blue Analysis : Blue Ocean Strategy Essay

951 Words Nov 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Blue Ocean Strategy claims to unravel the key to success for companies by focusing on the strategic moves rather than specific industry or companies. While the book describes how and why blue ocean strategies work, the book fails to lay down a viable plan for companies that seeks to enter the blue ocean to follow. The theory discussed in the book simplifies the complex world and oversimplifies many practical steps and thus, neglects the other possible situation in the industry and adds little value in explaining the route to success. Following the principles enumerated in the book alone would not automatically open a new market if the company lacks innovation, the funds to support research and development, the expertise to market the product effectively, and the leadership needed to execute the plan, items that were disregarded in the book. The only item touched in the book for a successful marketing, a compelling tagline, all by itself is not sufficient to produce results. In today’s world, the companies are engaged in rivalry and fighting with other competitors for market share to remain and sustain profitability, for differentiation, and for their product to gain a competitive edge. While the authors identified in the book ways to deflect the threat of competitive imitators, they failed to mention the importance of real and thorough marketing which is very important for first movers or new entrants because there is always the risk of being overtaken by second movers…

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