Blood : Blood And Blood Essay

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In “Macbeth” by Shakespeare there are countless images of blood throughout the play. Some even say the play is “dripping with blood”. Blood plays a very important role in the play and creates many intriguing situations throughout. But the main question is the blood drawn for the good or the worse, and what are the consequences of blood? Despite blood being bad sometimes it can be for the good, images of blood throughout the play represent how people can be overcome by thirst or desires to kill others due to their abilities to do so. This brings out the pure savagery within people and shows how many people can be killed just to fulfil one’s personal needs. But later on the ones seeking blood for evil will become the ones being hunted, because what goes around comes around. The images of blood also teach us the ones who seek blood must live with major consequences, but if they are seeking blood for the better they will be the ones being rewarded. First things first this play begins in pools of blood as Macbeth comes back from battle against the Norwegians. This is the first image of blood we encounter in the play. The quote "What bloody man is that?" (1.2.1) is said about Macbeth as he returns from battle victoriously and is portrayed as a hero, this image of blood is portrayed as a positive one since Macbeth has slayed their enemies. After this first image of blood it’s all downhill, the next images of blood are selfish acts which are unearthly. As Lady Macbeth plans the…

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