Blindness Of King Lear By William Shakespeare Essay

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to see or not so see
Blindness can be interpreted in many different ways, whether being referred to in the forms of physical, emotional or spiritual. As a society when we think of blindness we often think of the physical inability of the eyes to see, however we learn that in King Lear by William Shakespeare that the idea of blindness is not always going to be associated with the physical ability to see but can be symbolic to the other various forms. Whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual, blindness is defined as unable to see; lacking the sense of sight; or just being sightless. Shakespeare believes that as human beings we often place all of our trust within people blindly which causes us to suffer due to making the decision based on what we want to hear verses what is being displayed right in front of us. Though the character development of King Lear within the play we are able to learn that we need to seek the truth and evaluate the information for what it really is being provided before making a decision.

The Blindest person of them all was definitely King Lear himself. King Lear attained the highest position in society, and with the job he held of being king he should have been able to distinguish the good from bad very easily however due to his lack of sight this prevented him to do so. Shakespeare established Lears first encounter of blindness very early on in the play with his brilliant idea of a love test. The love test that King Lear requested both…

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