Blacksmithing History

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Have you ever been bewildered about what life was like on a Texas plantation? After reading this you will hopefully have solved some of those absurd mysteries. What was life truly like as a slave? How did the ancients endure? How do you get tools when you can’t go to the store? Well, if you needed any weapons in the past, you would generally go to the blacksmith. Blacksmithing is a fascinating job that keeps the culture of medieval castles and knights alive. Understanding blacksmithing is a marvelous way to learn about life in the past. Blacksmithing is a really intriguing job, but probably not as much at the Levi Jordan Plantation because of the physical work required as a slave. First of all, Levi Jordan was born in Georgia, and later inherited …show more content…
Blacksmiths in the 1850s played a huge role in the making of weapons, such as swords, knives, bayonets, and lots of different types of guns, including infantry rifles, dueling pistols, and repeating carbines. As history advanced, blacksmiths began to make fewer weapons as they could be made by machines. After the industrial revolution, blacksmiths were barely ever called upon to assemble weapons. However weapons were still getting better. Fewer knives are used as you can get mass produced ones and they could be easily replaced by a gun, however some clients want handmade ones, if they want something a little extra. Grenades have been used for a long time, but blacksmiths play almost no part in the making of them. Firearms with rifled barrels were invented increasing accuracy. Gatling guns were invented, as were machine guns. Some modern weapons are barbed wire, artillery, and poison gas. Blacksmiths today, however, have no part in modern weapons, since most of them are missiles, tanks, ships, planes, or bombs. Cannons also found in the time period can be compared to missiles, as well as horses compared to planes. Some other gun modifications are in 823, when gunpowder was invented in China, in 1364, the first use of a firearm, in 1640, when the flintlock was invented, in 1835, when both the Colt hand gun and the first multi-shot revolver were invented, in 1855, the Minié Ball was invented, in 1887, the first repeating shotguns were invented, and in 1892, the invention of automatic handguns. Guns have changed a lot over the years, becoming more efficient, more deadly, and

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