Black Panther Party's Contribution To The Civil Rights Movement

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When the black panther party started in 1966 they would patrol black neighborhood only to stop police brutality from happening. This group of 4 friends would create an empire that would grow to be known all over the nation. From helping black neighborhood to helping public figures like malcolm x get there point across the world about discrimination that used to plague our nation as a whole. The black panther party is important to our history because without them getting their point across the we wouldn’t be in schools with our friends it would be blacks and whites in separate schools.

Huey P. Newton was an African-American activist best known for founding the Black Panther Party with longtime friend Bobby Seale in 1966. The members of the
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Black Panther Party used his speeches of gaining freedom “by any means necessary” both to explain their use of their methods and as a means of inspire other African Americans to join their cause. Although huey newton later stressed in his autobiography a belief that the party had not done things the way that malcolm x would have done them. Had he lived past 1965 the fact that malcolm x had a huge influence on the huey and of the party is virtually unbreakable. The black panther party is important because it's part of our history. Without them we wouldn’t have gotten our point across that discrimination is wrong and it needed to stop. The black panther party help malcolm x get his point across to help him stop police brutality that was going on in the black …show more content…
They were vigilantes. Armed citizens who monitored the behavior of authority and challenged police brutality. The Black Panther’s were founded in 1966 by Huey P. Newton. His message taught that history would only repeat itself. If we don’t teach the communities, African American people will continue to be oppressed. Not only African American people but all people of color. The Black Panther’s declared war on oppressive authority. They believed that to get authority’s attention then you need a revolution. A blood shed revolution. Meaning they need to fight and take back what was stolen from them. A complete opposite of the civil rights movement, which was more of a peaceful and non-violent approach lead by malcolm x. The black panthers were more than rebels. They were providers. They created a free breakfast for children program and a community health clinic. As young people it’s important to know the past if we want to create a better

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