Black Men Could Ill Afford Essay

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Griffin had many opportunities that black men could ill afford. Griffin was a gifted student, he studied medicine and humanities in France - education was a luxury that many blacks did not have regardless of financial status. Whilst, technically education in America was separate but equal there were often not enough places for blacks and surplus places for whites. In a conversation with a black man Griffin hears that white boys go to college get good jobs, whereas a black boy, if he makes it to college, still cannot expect to gain dutiful employment. This is reflected in the fact the educated Griffin could not obtain employment suitable to his education level. Rowland and Williams note that there are very few opportunities for black due to discrimination and economics. Griffin as a white man had opportunities in his past and expected opportunities in his future including respect, trust, employment and medical treatment. This signifies that Griffin was thinking of as a white man. Furthermore, when Griffin got to Hattiesburg, a Mississippi town where racial tensions were especially high, he revealed his disguise to P.D. East, a courageous (white) newspaper editor thus demonstrating that Griffin knew he could return to being a white man. No black man has ever had this luxury.

Griffin admires the economic power of black’s in relation to Atlanta and Negroes joining forces to gain control of eighty-million dollars of industry and education. However, he is an outsider looking in…

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