Essay on Black Deaf Community

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The Black Deaf Community seems silly to believe the existence of itself, but in reality based on surveys and observations, it seems rather smart. Going through the supplemental reading, I have noticed the Black Deaf community consists of strong and proud members of both, overcoming many issues thrown at them. This paper will discuss the issues and show how amazing the community really is.

To be a part of two different cultures at the same time seems almost impossible. A wise man once said, “you cannot serve two masters, you either hate the one and love the other or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other”. Now those wise words weren’t talking about cultures and communities, but rather
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I have come to realize there is no such law or rule of the city that results to this social interaction, rather it just happens. I have noticed that it may even be twenty first century segregation. Also with social interaction, Aramburo noticed that with black deaf people, they tend to marry other black deaf people, and if not deaf, would still be black; interesting thought. Education and communication work together in the black deaf community, or the opposite. Education for the deaf has never been in the deaf’s favor, before and now. It is all about oralism and never about sign language, but I guess that is what they get when hearing people are in control unfortunately. Not only is education for the deaf bad, but also for the black. In the times of segregation, education was barely a privilege, all the skilled teachers taught the whites, and the “leftover teachers” taught the blacks. To make things worst, black deaf students suffered big time. Because education wasn’t all that great, communication skills weren’t developed either. Talk about struggles and issues in the black deaf community. Not only is the existence of the black deaf community an issue but also identity. Before I mentioned the best of both worlds, and that it is impossible to be in two place at once, but not immersed in both. Identity, in this case, has a lot of influence on the reality of that. To be immersed

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