Bipolar I Disorder Is Pat Solatano From David O. Russell 's Film Silver Linings Playbook

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The character I will be assessing for bipolar I disorder is Pat Solatano from David O. Russell’s film Silver Linings Playbook. Based on the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria available in the course textbook and focusing on class lectures, I will be using evidence from the film to present the diagnostic threshold for bipolar I disorder. The character Pat Solatano, displays a good representation of the symptoms associated with bipolar I disorder including manic episodes. He also meets the diagnostic criteria such as decreased need for sleep and flight of ideas.
Bipolar I disorder is a subtype of bipolar disorder involving an individual having one or more manic episodes with or without one or more major depressive episodes (Harkness, 2015). One key distinguisher between bipolar I and bipolar II disorder is that the individual does not need to have any sepressive symptoms (Harkness, 2015). In the film, Pat does not show many symptoms of a major depressive episode, however does show symptoms for manic episodes. The DSM-5 contains a number of diagnostic criteria for manic episode. The first criterion for a manic episode is distinct period of abnormal elevated, expansive and irritable mood, and abnormally increased goal-directed activity or energy (or any duration of hospitalization) (Harkness, 2015). In the first scene of the film, Pat is leaving hospitalization because of an outbreak that occurred between himself and the man of his wife’s affair. This triggers anger and…

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