Essay on Bipolar Disorder ( Bipolar )

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Bipolar disorder is a high degree of mood swings, it is a mental illness that causes many episodes including mania, and change in energy levels. This can cause the person to sleep very little because of how energetic they are.there are two types of disorders, Bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder. Bipolar I disorder is the most extreme to where the person starts to hallucinate, and they hear or see things that aren 't there, and bipolar II disorder is less extreme, it is the more mild one where the person has a less intense state of happiness. Bipolar disorder is caused by genetics, biological traits, brain chemical imbalance, hormonal problems, environmental factors, or could possibly not even have a cause for having it. If a person in your family had it before it could be possible that it could run in your bloodline due to genetics. Environmental factors have have a role in bipolar disorder due to abuse or mental stress such as, moving locations, the loss of a job or a loved one, or even the birth of a child. The birth of a child leads to bipolar disorder because you have to adjust to a new lifestyle, change your sleeping routines, and your more exhausted which causes women to have many mood swings, this can get extreme to the point where depression gets involved. Symptoms of bipolar disorder may occur at any point in a person 's life,but it is more likely to show during that person 's adulthood or teen years. The symptoms are, when that person…

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