Bipolar Disorder And Mental Health

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Bipolar disorder is a health problem related to your mental health and it mainly affects the mood you are in. The disorder has different levels of intensity, some people might have it very lightweight and others might struggle severely with controlling it. I chose this particular topic because I find it interesting how a mental illness can play so drastically in the way that a person is seen. People with bipolar disorders typically have a harder time coping with things. Their mood swings tend to get in the way of how they should act in a situation. This disorder mainly affects teenagers and can be even worse if the person has other disorders such as anxiety or depression. Being bipolar means that you struggle with having very different moods that change randomly. The states of bipolar illness are: manic/ hypomanic episodes (feeling high), depressive episodes (feeling low), mixed episodes (feeling high and low at the same time), or psychotic episodes. During the manic/hypomanic episodes one feels very happy, energetic, confident, adventurous, etc. which can make someone seem very friendly and active. If something is to happen that might bring their attitude down, they go straight to being in a depressive episode. Someone in a depressive episode feels down, tired, hopeless, agitated, suicidal, etc. which can make their behavior change drastically. The mixed episode is thought to be the worst and the most dangerous because it is harder to handle your emotions, you are more

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