Biological And Psychological Theories Of Crime Essay example

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The biological and psychological theories believe physical and mental disorders can determine criminal behavior on an individual level. Under the biological theory of criminality, it is believed that one’s brain function, genetics, and biochemical makeup contribute to criminality. The psychological theory offers insights into the mental health of the psychoanalytic nature. However, the sociological theory of crime focuses more on crime rates and the groups involved due to social decay instead of individuality. While each has their place in nature versus nature, the biological, psychological and sociological theory have an interesting view on an individual and group level in explaining criminal behavior. Bio criminologists seek to discover the relationship of the biological aspects that contribute to psychological disorders. Biocriminolgist believe depression is inherited and contributes to psychological disorders (Alder, Laufer, & Mueller, 2013, p. 82) In fact, some studies have shown that psychobiological inherited associations of depression, brain abnormalities, and nervous system dysfunctions can contribute to criminal behavior (Alder, Laufer, & Mueller, 2013, p. 82). Biological researchers believe that they can help criminals change their behavior if they can find the biological factors in relation to social environmental influences to help them cope with impulsive behaviors. In fact, research from biological influences has been used in response to reducing…

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