Anomie Theory

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There no simple understanding of what constitute crime therefore we have a range of different perspective about what should be considered the focus of criminology study. The law definition suggest what constitute crime as a violation of the law, which other argue such as Sellin that law are focused upon the rules of a normal behaviour, in other word Sellin believed that crime is in conflict with culture.
The classical approach to criminal behaviour was a way to begin to understand the concept of classifying crime as an issue. It is brought the change from unrestrained control to punish criminal behaviour to a reason-based approach.
According to Cesare Beccaria, crime is cause because the individual free will. People are rational and they make
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It is certain that crime is in a current society today, is difficuilt phenomena that has puzzled researchers for many years. Theories that aim to explain the cause of crime and understand the criminal behaviour of an individual are often evaluated for being biased in their research studies. Many has been of big influence and seen to explain the cause of crime but none has fully interpreted the reason of why people commit crime. Merton anomie theory discovered how social structure exert pressure upon certain individual in this society to engage in certain groups, in other word his goal was to see whether low working class commits crime because of how they were categorize by social standard. Criminal behaviour is build a cohesiveness role within society. Individuals and groups are connected toward society by disapproving certain behaviour as criminal, in this way crime is normal routine of a day life. He argue that today society is dysfunction that is the root of types of crime and the way individual behave certain behaviour ,where to behaviour led to reason of committing …show more content…
They resolve the status frustration by rejecting middle class value and form a subculture of other in the same position. They give an alternative stature hierarchy where they can win statue through crime and violence. Criminals subculture provide youth when an apprenticeship in crime. They arise in neighbourhood where there is an established criminal culture and organised hierarchy of professional adult crime. Subculture theories can be criticised because they assume that criminal behaviour is the result of the failure to achieve mainstream

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