Biography Of Frederick Douglass 's ' The Abolition Of Slave Trade '

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Fredrick Douglass
Name: Timothy G. Leaks
Institution: Central Texas College
Course: History 1301
Date: 9 December 2016

Fredrick Douglass
In the nineteenth century, slavery was the major issues in the western society. Slaves were the primary source of labor in farms, ancient industries, and domestic activities. Through slave trade, Africans were forcefully captured and shipped to the western nations, where they were considered as slaves. In North and South America, slavery was the main source of economic labor. The slavery life was harsh and often slaves had no rights or freedom to choose the master or the duty to undertake (Douglass, 2000). However, the revolution for the abolition of slave trade began by 1800s when some intellectual leaders realized that slavery inhuman, and that slaves had low productivity. Consequently, there were continuous slaves ' rebellions and activisms for freedom. As a result, several abolitionists and activist groups arose to fight for freedom and human rights for the slaves. Amongst the key abolitionists during the 19th century was Fredrick Douglass an African-American, whose mother was a slave with an unknown white father. Therefore, this essay examines the life and achievements of Fredrick Douglass as a hero who fought for the abolition of slavery.
Fredrick Douglass was born as Fredrick Augustus Washington Bailey in 1818, in Talbot County, Maryland. At only 20 years old, he escaped from slavery, traveled by train and steamboat to New York…

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