Biodiversity Of Coral Reefs By Ganesh Balaji Essay

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Biodiversity of Coral Reefs
By: Ganesh Balaji

Ecology is a macro-scale science that encompasses all biological life. However, in order to fully understand the depth of ecology, and its significance in relation to life on earth, one must study the biodiversity of the species living in this planet. Although the history of modern human civilizations has largely ignored the importance and complexity of biodiversity, understanding the many layers of biodiversity will provide us with richer knowledge on how we can improve our own lives. Biodiversity acts as the principle foundation of ecology, as it serves as the link between the many ecological systems presently constructed on Earth. Essentially, the study of biodiversity has taught us that there is no singular layer of living creatures on earth that is more dynamic, intricate, and diverse than the next. Each layer of organisms has their own history of complexity – whether it be organisms that live in vast caves, on deep ocean floors, or even in the high canopies of the Amazon rainforest. However, the study of ecology and biodiversity has also shown us that there is no singular layer of living creatures that has not experienced a dramatic impact from humans, no matter how astonishingly resilient they have proven to be in their history.
The layer of living organisms is defined as the ‘biosphere’, and it comprises the combined physical and chemical metabolic activities of plants, bacteria, and animals alike. The collective…

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