Essay on Bilingual Education : A Controversial Topic

1299 Words May 5th, 2016 6 Pages
In America, bilingual education is considered to be a controversial topic. Bilingual education can be anything from classroom instruction for those that have a native language other than English to secondary language classes in school. Making Bilingual Education mandatory in schools would be a great benefit to our society. Adding bilingual classes to the curriculum not only puts children at an advantage of different learning styles, but they become more culturally involved and they become a high demand in the workplace. According to various recent professional studies, another benefit to adding multiple languages to the school’s course curriculum would be that the cognitive skills of the students would be increased tremendously.
There is an invisible line of segregation between various nationalities. Some people feel that since this is America everyone should know English; however, in today’s world speaking two languages is a high demand in the working field regardless of the attitudes of others. If Americans can have an open mind to computer classes in the curriculum because of the later benefits then how isn’t the demand of bilingual people making more people accepting of adding this as part of the school curriculum? Therefore, people need to think of the ability to speak another language will as a result be a benefit to many language barriers in the workplace. Brisk writes, “The world of work demands that graduates achieve not only high-level literacy skills in English,…

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