`` Big Structures, Large Processes And Its Entities Might End Up Not Being Appropriate

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Studying social behavior has always been an issue for scholars in social sciences field. This is not because they have not enough knowledge or experience. One of the main reasons is because society changes, and keeping the same sociological methods to study society and its entities might end up not being appropriate. Anthony Giddens (1993) in his book New Rules of Sociological methods, Giddens critics the use of sociological methods to study human behaviors. Indeed, he argues, “The social world, unlike the world of nature, has to be grasped as a skilled accomplishment of active human subjects” (pp. 163). However, some scholars such as Charles Tilly thinks that the problem is deeper. Tilly (1984) in his book Big Structures, Large Processes, Huge Comparisons, elaborates on eight pernicious postulates of 19th century sociology. He believes, “these postulates of nineteenth-century folk wisdom still influence the study of sociology” (pp. 30). He further assumes, “As a consequence, little of long-term value to the social sciences has emerged from the hundreds of studies conducted during the last few decades that have run statistical analyses including most of the world’s national states” (pp. 77).
Although both Tilly and Giddens argue about sociological methods that have been used, Giddens ‘theory of structuration as an central methodological approach in social analysis and the method of interpretation also called double hermeneutic surpass Tilly’s criteria for understanding…

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