Frederick Douglass Character Analysis

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Having suffered through multiple cancerous tragedies and having a loved one take their own life, my great grandma still smiles through it all. Bernice Downs, an eighty-seven year old woman, is the most influential women in my life because of her amazing ability to stay strong and positive. She, like Fredrick Douglass, has the capability to influence others while continuing to be resilient even in the toughest times. As well as this rare quality, my great grandma and Fredrick Douglass both share the qualities of being gregarious and influential, extraordinary traits that average people do not portray.
Ignorance can save someone from unhappiness. Slaves that were unaware of the truth about slavery were content. Maybe not happy, but content. Fredrick Douglass, a literate slave, on the
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Having people be drawn to you because of how friendly and loving you are is rare. Most people have a small group of friends, but Fredrick Douglass was not like most people. He was a man of a warm and kind heart. Douglass made friends with white children as slave boy to help him learn to read and write; when he grew older he became close to many people where ever he went. People were always drawn in by his audacious and welcoming spirit. Few people back in his day could say that they had made friends with the opposite race, but to Douglass race did not matter. He was going to make friends with whoever was willing. This in result shows how Douglass was very gregarious. Bernice Downs is a magnet that attracts people. She is always telling a story to make someone laugh, or is giving the biggest hugs to everyone. No matter where she is, she will constantly have a crowd. She has the most genuine laugh, that is so contagious. One cannot help but smile when being in her presence. She is a light that this world rarely gets a chance to bask in. Her overwhelming amount of love for everyone really shows how gregarious she

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