Essay about Beowulf Comparison Between Beowulf And Grendel

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Beowulf, Grendel Compare and contrast.
In story telling there are often two sides to the story such as how it is shown throughout Beowulf and Grendel. Beowulf is a story from the viewpoint of the danes and favors them in their story, but in Grendef it is in favor of the young monster named Grendel. In this paper I will talk about the similarities and differences between the two stories, Beowulf, which is a book about a mighty hero that sets out to slay monsters and Grendel, which is the same story from the monster 's point of view. In writing characters can be perceived in many ways due to the different viewpoints of the narrator.
In the book Beowulf the Danes have a large variety of characteristics such as being brave, t honorable but yet also a victim at the same time. One of the Danes characteristics would be that they are a very brave group of people. An example of the danes bravery would be when Beowulf heard of Grendel 's terror and decided to go and help because he thought that he could defeat him. A quote that supports this would be "That man called for a ship, said he would cross the ocean and help the king who needed help"(Breeden). Another characteristic of the danes would be how they are victims in the story of Beowulf. An example of how they Danes are victim in the story of Beowulf would be when they were frequently being attacked by Grendel at their most vulnerable times. A quote that supports this example would be "The evil creature, grim and hungry, grabbed…

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