Benjamin Banneker 's Ethics And Morals Essay

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Benjamin Banneker being that he is a son of a former slave has a strong stance on the negativity of slavery. He writes to the then secretary of state Thomas Jefferson, challenging Jefferson to debate racial equality on the accounts of moral grounds. Banneker effectively argues that not only is slavery contradictory of American ideals established in the past by Jefferson, but a violation of christian morals in his overall goal to persuade Thomas Jefferson that slaves should be freed through the use of rhetorical strategies that appeal to Jefferson 's ethics and morals in the letter Banneker wrote to him in 1791.
Banneker leads into a pleas with utmost respect to Jefferson to have a more compliant to his upcoming demands. The author uses the word sir every time he starts a paragraph. He does it in the first paragraph when he says “sir suffer me recall your mind…”(Banneker 1) and then again, “Here, sir, was a time” (Banneker 26). In the first instance he starts out his letter with the word “sir” to lead into is plea. He knows that if he starts out with a negative tone, Jefferson is more likely not to have an open ear to what he has to say. In the second instance, the use of “ sir” was once again to show respect to Jefferson as he is about to get into the accusation of Jefferson 's hypocrisy. In both instances, Banneker knew that if he was to go straight into his plea and accusation without any form of respect, Jefferson would not listen to what he has to say and put on a…

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