Tennis Ball Machine Essay

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As an employee here at AIM, a youth tennis-based education organization, during my time participating and working alongside our youth athletes, I have become aware that plenty of our athletes enjoy using our tennis ball machines to improve their tennis skills and coordination. However, I have also noticed that our athletes do not use the machines alone. They love to work together, hone in on their tennis skills and even utilize the ball machine for creating games. However, with the organization only having the procession of one machine, it can become a safety hazard for our athletes, as well as, our coaches if too many athletes crowd one court with a machine throwing tennis balls at fast rates of speed. Therefore, as purchasing researcher …show more content…
The trusted brand of sports equipment, Wilson, is the maker of tennis ball machines. The particular series of Wilson tennis ball machines is the Wilson Portable Tennis Ball machine. The machine is sold through the online store, Do It Tennis. Do It Tennis is a small tennis equipment store and warehouse located San Marcos, California that online business started in 2005 to cater to the tennis community worldwide. According to the Do It Tennis’ website, they are an authorized dealer of Wilson equipment, which is comforting to know that we could purchase this machine from a trusted retailer. The trusted retailer is selling the portable tennis ball machine for a retail price of $1,095.00, which is close to the limit of our budget without any added accessories or the shipping cost. With the price of the machine being extremely close to the budget limit, there are some reservations about reviewing the product. However, the product could offer some benefits to our athletes to improve their skills and coordination. Based on Do It Tennis’s website, they list the positive features of the machine

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