Benefits Of The South Korea Essay

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“Benefit all mankind” is South Korea motto. It means which is a selfless motto for a people who had suffered from being under a communism no less than 60 years ago. Once the cease fire cleared somewhat between North and South Korea they began to rise from their situation with nothing and became the proud country that it is today. With its fast growing economy and large technology industries throughout Asia it’s one of the few Asian countries predominate countries that is developed and stable. It has now a modern democracy and elected their first female president recently. All of this comes to show that South Korea is a stable country growing rapidly every day and as a nation should continue to be an ally with them not just for military purposes but also for trade purposes too.
Language itself is a significant aspect of any culture because it allows people from any country to interact with one another making it unique. Allies, we have to respect and learn each other’s languages to have better communication for national security. The significance of South Korea and their language involves trade in technology with the U.S. in exchange for supporting their military against North Korea. A major presence in the alliance today is military support being provided by U.S. to maintain peace and nuclear existence in North Korea. In recent news the Dictator of North Korea, Kim Hyung Jun, has been threating and building nuclear weapons to show that they are a superior country to South…

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