Essay on Benefits Of Non Profit Organizations

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We all know what it would mean to miss a payment on the electric bill or the gas bill. What would happen if one missed a payment on the mortgage? The majority who can meet these payments should consider their financial status a blessing but for those who cannot – it’s a curse. Failure to pay means finding a repossession agent knocking at the door. If no arrangement can be made, the stranger would take the home away which would effectively leave one homeless. This is the startling reality for a lot of our American population.
Are there resources to help an individual get back on the road to independence? Melissa Doak, author, states most of the current housing services offered are regulated by the federal government; however, these programs create a path of revenue that non-profit organizations used to provide. The author notes that traditionally, non-profit organizations would offer supportive services for the homeless in which they focused every dollar of funding into helping those in financial crisis. She also notes that these non-profit organizations were once the center for crisis management for the homeless but are now being stripped of the funds that were originally allocated to them (Doak). Simply put, Non-profit organizations, along with participation from the federal government, should provide cost-effective housing for the homeless as well as medical treatment that includes continuing on-going supportive services.
The National Alliance to End Homelessness studied…

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