Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Will Bantle
Mrs. Jardine
20 April 2016
English 3, Period 3
Genetically Modifying Our Future
A Genetically Modified Organisms is the result of the process in which desired genes are transferred from one organism to another with the intention of creating a plant or animal with those specific traits. With the recent development and spike in the use of GMOs, many people are hopeful that this process of genetic modification will become a stable source of food for the world. The ability to switch and modify genes makes growing plants in harsh or non-ideal environments possible. Genetically Modified Organisms have some possible health risks, however, the positive results and possibilities of genetically modified foods heavily outweigh the negative
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Morgan explains that “Golden Rice, genetically enhanced to be rich in beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, can counter blindness in rice-dependent populations; another gene inserted into rice increases its iron content to fight iron-deficiency anemia.” This further shows that genetically enhancing our food supply is potentially the solution to the world-wide hunger problem. Genetically modified genes are prevalent in developed countries, however, the benefits of which are mainly seen in developing countries. The debate of GMOs primarily takes place in first-world countries because the inhabitants of the first world are worried about their health, not when they are going to have their next meal and how they are going to get their proper …show more content…
The skeptics of GMOs have a right to voice their health concerns; however, the potential for worldwide change cannot be overlooked. What people do not realise is that genetically modified food are rife in our markets whether the consumers are aware or not. The main people who oppose GMOs are not directly benefitting from them. Farmers and people living in third world countries are the people who benefit directly from them. People who are literally starving to death depend on genetically modified foods to survive, and without them they would be left to die. The use of and research into these foods has to actually continue to grow in order to help aid the people with nothing. Nothing anyone does is risk free, but the men and women of society have to be willing to take a risk in order to attain a higher quality of life for all

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