Essay about Benefits Of Free Trade And Market Liberalisation

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“Globalization was welcomed around the world at the beginning of the 1990s. Different trade theories were used to explain benefits of free trade and market liberalization” (Hill, 11/2008). Before the end of the twentieth century, voices of discontent were starting to ascend from Asia to North America. Within this paper I will touch bases on the following areas:
 Variety of trends including past and current trends that focus on the global market
 Reason whether the global economy will return to the mercantilist stage
There are many challenges leaders face on a day-to-day base, but when it comes down to trends it becomes a little more challenging. The test for leaders, however, is not precisely foreseeing what 's to come. Maybe it is about first having a wide and open comprehension of the patterns reshaping the world, second an educated perspective on the future and what it implies for your organization and third, and in particular, taking activities today to start to plan. Leaders who keep on going about as though the old guidelines apply will discover their organization me be left behind. “As the world has become increasingly interconnected and the demand for U.S. products has soared, b-to-b marketers have aggressively entered new markets around the globe” (Globalization, 2010).
One of the biggest past trends that focus on the global market would be the technology we have at our finger tips. From communicating in the same room to communicating with potential investors…

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