Being Earnest Character Analysis

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Jack Worthing- In the importance of being Ernest, the play’s main character, Jack has two imaginary roles. Jack himself and Ernest, his made up brother. In the city, Jack is himself, Jack. In the country, he switches and calls himself Ernest, his made up brother. He uses the character of Ernest to get away from issues he does not want to be in, like he can say, “Sorry my brother Ernest is sick, I have to go.” Jack is an orphan that was found in a silver handbag in the cloakroom of Victoria Station by an old man who adopted him and made Jack a guardian to his granddaughter, Cecily Cardew. Throughout the story Jack is in love with Gwendolen Fairfax which is his essential goal, to marry her, and Jack surely thinks of love as pleasure.
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Died November 30th 1900, Paris, France.
Oscar wilde was the publisher of many important plays that were famous around London., The importance of being Earnest was one of his well known plays. Oscar’s father owned a hospital. He also took part in governmental rebellions during 1848. Oscar liked greek studies while he was studying. He left to study at Dublin’s trinity college. Wile then began lecturing at college in London,He began working with the aesthetic movement and married a woman. She inspired him to write about women’s views in his books.

Wilde then increased his writing skills by writing a number of plays. Wilde began defending himself after receiving negative comics from critics about his writings. He began a secret relationship with alfred douglass whose father did not approve of their relationship.

His father was not accepting of his relationship and threw a lawsuit at Jack. Wilde then was sent to prison. After coming out of prison after a long period of time, he felt as if the world was dull. He moved away from London to live with Douglass himself. He died from being unable to carry difficult circumstances. He was remembered for his creative writing, excitement towards his own work, and his homosexual life. He died on November 30th,
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It was a cold night and wilde was excited to produce his play. The play was a success and people agreed that is was well put together. At the end of the play, Douglass’s dad threw tomatoes at wilde. The play was performed at St. James theatre, one of London’s most famous theatres.

This play is satirical in a sense that the two main characters,Jack and Algernon have conversations to tease one another poking fun and making the audience laugh. As well as making up fake characters to find the ability to escape social issues. The Importance of Being Earnest is a play that portrays the victorian area. Modern societies and our new generation may not find the dialogues funny or logical in the use of epigrams and language.

Holly Jackson from the West Bridgford School states, “I must say, although I’ve never before seen a play of this time-period or nature, I really quite enjoyed it. A great set out, with the backdrop set to look like a stage, which made you believe that some of the caricature moments were down to the characters actually just being actors anyway –a play within a play. Overall: a great show.” (The Nottingham Playhouse)


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