Being A Type Of Dispersal Essay

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In acculturation, both inventive and selective adaptation are emphasised: it is neither, inert nor dull. As “creative and destructive; fusions, adjustments, and reinterpretations occur between the cultures in contact, disintegrating, conflicting and developing. Such as that between “liberals and conservatives”. In fact, “As no copy is identical to the original, alien traits adopted will be modified”. The culture receiving a trait takes what can be absorbed and reject what is not compatible (1954, Siegel among others: 984-87). The process of acculturation is also not one-way, with only one society benefiting. Being a type of dispersal, it is two-way, giving and taking; the exchanges are re-interpreted and re-worked, being more selective. A cultural trait adopted never remains identical to the original, thus invention.
A. Kroeber expressed the idea differently with the term “stimulus diffusion” (which was taken from Boas). Whereas typical diffusion adopted, stimulus diffusion “procreated” (1940, Kroeber: 20). Upon a society encountering a complex trait or system (instead of a precise trait), the culture receiving the trait not only imitated it, but also “developed new content” (1940, Kroeber: 1). “Dispersal was not an automatic process” (1940, Kroeber: 19), selection occurred, blending both dispersal and invention.
Some anthropologists acknowledged that the two went hand in hand with diffusion being an inventive process. Many other proposers of diffusion held beliefs combined…

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