Being A Black Young Man Essay

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While living my seventeen, almost eighteen years, I have been declared guilty on several counts of LWB (living while black). There have been so many times in my life that I have been accused of doing wrong. I’ve been made out to be a bad guy or criminal while being a pedestrian, a customer, and just for being me. I was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey; a city riddled with crime but also known for being a melting pot of so many various cultures. So, when I moved out of this setting of Newark, into a more predominantly white area, North Plainfield, I had no issues because I already met all kinds of people. To some of the people there I was the first black person they had ever met. My mother always warned me that in society being a black young man can sometimes put a target on my back, but being naïve and young caused me to dismiss her warnings.
Thinking back on it, I wonder if these were the experiences other young black men such as Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin went through. My mother and I know how lucky I was to make it out of this situation alive. It could have ended much worse, with a cop feeling threatened by a scared black boy who seemed to be resisting. I am thankful for everyday that I have because I made it through that. Since then many black men like myself have been wrongfully killed, prosecuted, indicted; and I will make sure I become successful for them and any others whose stories haven’t been told. This story is mine. It was a normal day just like…

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