Essay about Behind The Beautiful Forevers By Katherine Boo

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“’Everything around us is roses…And we’re the shit in between’” (Boo xii). Katherine Boo spent 4 years in Mumbai, India: a city that had some of the wealthiest areas next to the poorest slums. Her book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, focuses on the slum of Annawadi. This is a community of primarily trash-pickers and scavengers, with an extremely small percentage of residents with permanent jobs and a barely livable average income. These people live right under the noses of large and gorgeous hotels and airport buildings, watching rich westerners come and go. One of these slum dwellers, Mirchi, captures this stark contrast when he compares his surroundings to beautiful things while his community is so nasty in between. Yet, this book does not portray those in the slum of Annawadi as dirty or bad people whatsoever. While the travelers and wealthy may see the poor as less than them, this book shows that just because those in Annawadi may have less material, they are not of less worth as people. Behind the Beautiful Forevers was written to show readers that the value of a person is not determined by the value of their physical possessions.
One way this is made known is how Katherine Boo shows that the poor slum dwellers are good people who love and care for others. A truly caring person is Sunil, a young boy who wants to look after his acquaintances. Sunil shows an example of a mutually beneficial relationship with Kalu, a friendship where love is portrayed even if it was not…

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