Beauvoir 's Freedom And Freedom Essay

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Nevertheless, Beauvoir asserts that individuals may fail to recognize this oppressive treatment and thus, accept it as usual treatment. As a result, Beauvoir argues that individuals have a duty to assert their freedom, especially if others impede it. Beauvoir states, “…the oppressed can fulfill his freedom as a man only in revolt, since the essential characteristic of the situation against which he is rebelling is precisely its prohibiting him from any development…” It is morally acceptable for oppressed individuals to rebel against their oppressor to assert their freedom and advance in life. According to Beauvoir, “…he [the oppressor] is more apt to present himself as the defender of certain values.” As part of the oppressors character, he or she deceives the oppressed in order to assert his or her freedom and restricts others freedom. Nonetheless, Beauvoir condones the victim to rebel against the oppressor to escape the treatment. Beauvoir argues that, “…nothing is useful if it is not useful to man; nothing is useful to man if the latter is not in a position to define his own ends and values, if he is not free.” Although oppressors attempt to mask the oppressive treatment and justify its existence as a benefit to all, the behavior is not fair to all. For many social injustice incidents, individuals feel hopeless and unescapable. For instance, oppressed citizens in Chicago, like in other parts of the world, believe that calling the police would harm them rather than help…

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