Essay about Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Beholder

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Monica Isamat
ENC 1101
Mrs. Schledorn
22 Nov 2012

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

When you hear the word beautiful, what do you think of? Do you think of a blue sky, a flower, a rainbow? When it comes to the beauty of people, many people have different outlooks. Having true inner and outer beauty is what every women dream about. We are surprised when a women has both inner and outer beauty since we generally separate the category by stating if a women is beautiful on the outside, she will most likely not be as beautiful on the inside. Three characteristics that have developed over time regarding beauty include the fact that men do not care about how they look as much as women, women feel the need to look beautiful even if
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Corresponding to the fact that when men have an interest in women, it is generally first based on looks. Women feel the need to look pretty because that is the first thing a man sees. Women generally want a man to see her as being beautiful by her looks and then get to know her and eventually find inner beauty as well. People around the world have started spreading the word that true beauty consists of more than looks. A study in China reported by the Miss Universe China Pageant Director, explained how she was trying to get the women to realize true beauty also comes from within. She explained by stating being a capable, refined, beautiful human being represents the importance of training beauty. She tries to instill values into her pageant contestants by saying, “Looks aren’t everything” (Kan 1). Would you take offense if someone called you feminine?. When the word “feminine” gets tossed around describing males, it is usually degrading. Calling a male feminine generally means they are weak or have the capabilities that females have. In the article, “What does it mean to be feminine” the author states, “Being called feminine meant I was weak” (Reynolds 1). When a woman is called feminine, it can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Women can appreciate being called feminine because it describes them as being “girly” or very lady like. On the other hand, some may take

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