Baroque Music : The Similarities Between Generations Of Music

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Baroque Music to Baroque Rock:
The Similarities between Generations of Music Throughout our history, music has proven to replicate itself again and again with similar sounds. However, originators and pioneers, that performed with intense emotions and dramatic extravagant melodies, came from the Baroque era. Therefore, this era inspired Rock & Roll and Pop music in modern society today. In my opinion, because the Baroque period delivered a free style of music, through imagination and emotions, consequently set trends and influenced other music genres in modern times. The word baroque is defined as bizarre and derive from barroco in Portuguese which means irregular shape (Whitehouse p 62 par 1). The Baroque period was known for the stylistically complex, emotional state, and often dramatic behavior throughout architect, art, and music. Baroque music was practiced from the 1600-1750 time period (par 1). Majority of the composers from this era were highly influenced by the Renaissance period, thus the majority of the musical instruments used in the Baroque period had already been used. However, the movement of Baroque music searched to reconstruct the melody, from the Renaissance era, and then created their own style into the period. The instruments were classified as brass instruments, woodwinds, strings, keyboards and basso continuo. This style of music complemented operas by enhancing the audience’s emotional reaction, to the play, with dramatic melodies.…

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