Barclay Memorial Hospital Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The organization needs to expand the departments that are in high demand, and use marketing to increase patient census. The organization’s orthopedics and cardiology units need to expand to meet patients’ needs and generate more revenue for BMH. One more cardiac surgeon needs to be hired to meet state law requirements and the orthopedics

department needs to be reevaluated to ensure that it meets the quality standard of care. Furthermore, with well-thought marketing strategies, BMH will reach more potential patients within the community and be able to explore potential investments. Time lines will be put into place; this will keep everyone on the right track. BMH has the potential to become number one again within the community. With positive guidance and leadership they will exceed all expectations. Background: Barclay Memorial Hospital (BMH) has been a reputable hospital for more than 50 years. In the mid1940s, it was reaching its maximum capacity and the community was becoming more urbanized. Therefore, a $7.3 million bond was approved by voters to finance the construction and operation to form district hospital. In 1950, Valley Physician Group (VPG) was formed by a
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Measurement, Monitoring, and Adjusting The leadership team’s progress will be monitored via peer reviews. The CEO, COO, chief of medical staff, district board, and all of the other members of the leadership team will complete a brief survey. The chief of medical staff will also be measured by patient outcomes. The surveys must be professional and critical. The goal is to improve excellence in performance. This will be done every six months. After the first year of reviews, if the individual is not meeting expectations and no additional effort is given, there will be a one-on-one meeting with the board chair. This is in an effort to get an understanding of any issues they may have and resolve them. If they do not want to comply they will either be asked to resign or be relieved of duties. Each Department Director within the hospital is required to have a Daily Operations Meeting once a week at the same time and day every week. If the director is unable to come to the meeting he or she can join via a conference call. This will allow everyone to get to know each other better, ask questions, and receive weekly announcements. We want to make sure we are building better relationships within the organization and improving employee morale. These meetings will allow all departments to know issues within the organization and what is working well. Peer review can also be a helpful tool in measuring success. This gives employees the opportunity not only to receive feedback from coworkers; it also allows them to evaluate themselves. If each assessment is completed and meets expectations, a raise will be awarded based on the organization’s financial position. The strategic plan should be reviewed one year after implementation. This is done to get an idea of how the revenue is trending. We need to review current balance sheet and income statement, compare

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