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The History of Barbie Barbie is the most popular doll in the world. She is a worldwide fashion muse and pop culture icon for girls of all ages. Barbie has worked with many designers over the years being created and improved. She creates an unrealistic body-image causing some women to go to extremes to look like her. Barbie is so popular she is collected and has had lawsuits over her.
The world’s famous Barbie dolls were created by Ruth Handler. She got the idea of Barbie from her two children playing with paper dolls, fantasizing different occupations for the dolls. On a trip to Europe in 1956, Handler bought three adult-figured dolls named Bild Lilli. They were exactly the type of dolls she had in mind and she brought them back to the Mattel
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The first Barbie produced mirrored sophisticated women such as the famous Elizabeth Taylor. Barbie came with brown or blonde hair and stunning red lips. She had high arched eyebrows and a sassy ponytail. In the 1960’s Barbie was also given red hair and blue irises for the first time. She had less arched eyebrows and softer eye makeup echoing Jackie Kennedy. In the 1970’s an open smile and eyes that faced completely forward was introduced. Skirts went from ranges of mini to maxi and long flowing hair became the new trend. Malibu Barbie was most popular doll of this decade representing the ultimate surfer girl with pink lip gloss, highlighted blonde hair, and an incredible tan. The Title IX of Education Amendment was passed in 1972 opened doors for young women in the non-discrimation of sex. Barbie showed that girls now had equal rights by participating in sports tennis and ice skating, In 1981 MTV changed the music industry and Barbie had her own band named “Barbie and the Rockers.” She donned the popular big hair, shoulder pads, scrunches and leggings. In 1990 Barbie had an edgy street fashion look with hair perms and bolder make-up. A presidential candidate Barbie was also released this year, marking the strong influx of women politicians voted into congress and other high ranking positions. However, the bestselling Barbie ever was released; Totally Hair Barbie had hair that was 10 ½ inches long to allow girls to cut and style their own dolls as they pleased. In the 2000’s, Barbie underwent more makeovers with a new, more athletic look. She also had a flexible waist and wrists for the first time, along with her first belly button. Her style transformed to bold colors and denim when she wore skinny jeans, a cropped shirts, and dazzling rhinestone jackets that the girls could individually design for their own Barbie.

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