Barbara Kingsolver 's Book Kingsolver Essay

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When we think of the perfect family what do we think of regarding this issue? We normally think of one man and a wife married together till death with two children a boy and a girl. However not all families are like that some families experience a death or a divorce to destroy our image of a perfect family. In her book Barbara Kingsolver argues that whenever we have a non traditional family the children of the family experience a rougher childhood and less stability. I agree with Barbara in some respect but disagree with her in others. She states that single parents and gay families set their children up for failure but I disagree with her in that the "Brady Bunch" families can work despite her objections.
I believe that single parents set their children up for failure by not having a spouse. One thing about single parents is they have no one to lean on for their own emotional support. If the parent has no one to lean on and help deal with their own issues such as a bad day they could take it out on their own children hurting the child emotionally. One thing that single parents can not do is be there for their kids when they need them. Single parents often have to work longer hours to provide for their children so they are not there to raise their children as most parents could meaning that places like daycares, aftercares, and babysitters raise their children for them.
Single parents also may struggle financially as they do not have the benefits of having two streams of…

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