Barack Obama Inaugural Address At The 2004 Democratic Convention

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The Democratic National Committee invited Barack Obama to give the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention. This news came as a surprise as Obama had not yet gained national attention, and was not an obvious choice when compared to other candidates. After his inspiring speech however, Obama became well known throughout America which was good news for John Kerry, as Obama’s speech was intended to persuade voters to support Kerry as president. Obama uses rhetorical devices such as climax in structure, epistrophe, and metonymy to persuade skeptical voters to vote for John Kerry as their next president. Obama makes his speech more convincing by using climax to split his speech into multiple sections; the first section is used to establish Obama 's credibility in why he is a true American citizen and a reliable source to take information from; the next section describes Obama 's hopes for the future, and finally, the last section contains the climax of Obama 's speech- why John Kerry is a man capable of accomplishing what needs to be done in America and why the American citizens should vote for him. Each section becomes more and more important in terms of convincing voters to vote for John Kerry. To introduce himself and start his speech Obama talks about his family’s history. Going all the way back to his grandparent’s time, Obama discusses his family’s humble beginnings. Then, tracing his family’s history to the present, Obama explains how it was through…

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