Essay on Bad Trip : How The War Against Drugs Is Destroying America

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The War on Drugs has had negative consequences on people and has not been very effective. Joel Miller in his book Bad Trip: How The War Against Drugs Is Destroying America outlines several of the negative consequences of the War on Drugs and I will discuss some of them. One of Millers biggest arguments that lay’s a foundation for his book is that he believe making drugs illegal and criminalizing them creates the circumstances for crime and violence (Miller 1). While the government approaches drugs as though they themselves are the cause of crime and violence, Miller says this is wrong because just by making something illegal does not mean you eradicate the demand for it. An illegal market will arise for the illegal substance and without the formal government there to regulate transactions and enforce contracts and property rights, those in the illegal trade must use their own form of enforcement and this happens in the form of violence. That is exactly what happens, in fact, the majority of “drug-related” homicides are related to the workings of the illegal drug trade meaning that they are not between users and random strangers but rather between dealers or dealers and users (Goldstein, Brownstein, Ryan and Bellucci 118). This leads to negative effect on law enforcement. Miller describes two ways law enforcement is effected, one is that law enforcement is corrupted and the second is the militarization of the police. Miller discuss mainly two ways law enforcement is…

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