Back to School, Obama 2009 Essay

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Non-fiction analysis
Barack Obama: “Back to School” 2009.
The education of young students has always been a big issue in politics. Politicians are concerned with the quality of the educational system in the country, because education is the backbone of our modern society. The school system is primarily an investment for the future. So the quality of the educational system equals the quality of the coming working generation. Society is dependent on the students, so they have to be well educated, and well prepared, so they can take over the positions, which the country requires, to function normally. The education is also a political cause, because there are a lot of votes, to be won, for the political parties by holding speeches, etc.
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President Obama is very casual with the audience, since its children and teenagers, he’s very straightforward, for example how he greets the audience “Hello Everyone – How’s everyone doing today?” (Page: 1, Line: 1). Which is a very casual, and on their level greeting. The key for the speech to be successful is to get the attention of the audience, and to hold onto it. Another important part is that he speaks on their eye level with them, meaning that he is more credible, and makes them identify themselves with him. Fx. He uses a lot of anecdotes from his own life, how he was raised by a single mother that homeschooled him, because she were unable to send him to a normal school, like the other children on his age.
When President Obama has gained the attention of the audience, President Obama begins conveying his message to it. The message of the speech comes in two parts, He tells the audience, that it’s every single student's own responsibility. Their family the government and so on also has a responsibility, but “None of it will matter, unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities” (Page: 2 Line: 35). In the argument, President Obama tries to connect with the consciousness of the students, and their senses of responsibility. He tells them how there already has been done so much for the young students, and now it’s their turn to take part in it. President Obama also mentions the responsibility

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