Bach 's Stay On The Music Of The Italians Essay

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Bach’s stay in Weimar was characterized by his keyboard and orchestral works. He learned to write dramatic openings and employ the dynamic motor rhythms and harmonic schemes found in the music of the Italians. This is a direct influence to the progressive type of music that Beethoven is so well known for. Though his stay in Weimar was influential, it was also short lived. In 1717 he moved to secure a job at Cothen. After the move, it didn’t take long for Bach’s life to be changed forever. In 1720 Johann Sebastian Bach’s wife expectantly died, leaving him with four children, three others having died in infancy. It didn’t take long for Bach to find love following the death of his first wife. In December 1721 he married Soprano Vocalist Magdalena Wicke. She would bare 13 children, only six surviving. The Six Brandenburg Concertos were written during this period of time in Bach’s life. In 1723 Bach moved to Leipzig and became the cantor of the St. Thomas school, a position of high esteem. He was the cantor for 4 different churches throughout the area, and wrote a vast amount of pieces during this time period (1.). This is only a brief look into the life of this great composer and lard mark musician. Johann Sebastian Bach died in 1750 due to complications of an operation conducted on his left eye. Apparently it left Bach completely blind. Others say that Bach died of a stroke, which could explain the complications with his eyes and the loss of sight during the operation.…

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