Essay on Aztec And The Modern Mexican World

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The Aztecs were a legendary people that still leave an imprint on the modern Mexican world today. Although they are nowadays known to be gory sacrificing killers, they made some achievements that today people take for granted. Think about the modern Mexican food, like tacos or fajitas. They were influenced by Aztec love of maize (corn) and foods they made such as tamales. The Aztecs were a creative bunch, too. Their artifacts most certainly show the importance of Aztec life and the mark they have today. Artifacts featured in this room show this whole story. They also take a closer look at Aztec life in Tenochtitlan, and activities that happened on a daily basis, achievements, and demise. Aztecs used to be a band of hunter gatherers known as the ‘Mexicas’. They believed in many gods, but one in particular gave them a prophecy that would lead them past the Valley of Mexico, where they adapted to customs previously held there, to a new fertile area they later named Tenochtitlan. The prophecy spoke of an eagle eating a snake on a cactus that would signify the building and settling place of the Aztecs. So, therefore, they named their town after “the place of the fruit of the prickly pear cactus” in relation to the cactus. Aztec life flourished in Tenochtitlan, where the Aztecs developed arts, food, marriage and family rituals, religious centers, armies, and entertainment. Our Aztec room has a variety of artifacts that are centred around Aztec culture alone. One artifact depicts…

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