Essay about Autism Is A Developmental Disorder

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Autism is a developmental disorder. In the United States alone there are nearly 450,000 people affected by some kind of Autistic Spectrum disorder (Siegel). This disorder affects five times more boys than girls. Although the cause of Autism is uncertain, much research is still ongoing. One of the most likely causes that has been discovered is genetics. An autistic persons brain is more symmetrical and later than the normal brain size. It has been proven that their brain can reach maturity in about 8-10 years before the average person (Green). Some people have even blamed vaccines as one of the causes of autism. It was believed that the rise of Autism in society was due to previous generations. When they were dosed with mercury through vaccinations years ago and its still affecting children today. Parents also reported that after their healthy “normal” child was vaccinated with the MMR (measels, mumps, rubella) vaccine they developed Autism. However, a large percent developed no symptoms. Autism is usually diagnosed within the first three years of a child’s life.

Autism has been associated with over 50 different symptoms. No one child will develop all 50 symptoms. Some of the first signs of Autism are head banging and repetitive routines. However, if any of these routines are interrupted, he or she might loose control and start yelling and have a temper tantrum. Not only is it crucial that their daily routines are consistent but their environment also. This gives them a…

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