Authorial Influence In Grendel And Beowulf

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Authorial Influence in Writing™ The author of Grendel, John Gardner, made the argument for Grendel being a hero better than the Beowulf author because he portrays discipline, honor, and improvement. Throughout the writing Grendel tries to better himself, the author makes Grendel more noble as a result. Grendel has amazing discipline. He has all the potential to be a ruthless killer, but he restrains himself. Simple proof of this is “I have never killed a deer in all my life and never will,” (Gardner 8), It’s such a simple thing not to do, but it shows great restraint. In modern day society people kill for sport, Grendel kills for food. He could kill every animal in the forest if he chose. He has amazing strength, “His rage boiled over, he ripped open the mouth of the building, maddening for blood,” (Beowulf 722) He could decimate everything in his path. He chooses not to though. He isn’t always a blood-lusted psychopath. Gardner also portrays Grendel as someone who just wants to stay out of the way and better himself. …show more content…
Grendel is very one-sided in the original Beowulf text, but in Grendel we see him in a new light, in a new way. Relating to the last paragraph some ideas were touched upon. Grendel is not just a monster, he is more human, or appears more human with depth and color. He has conflicts, he has choices, he is relatable. That’s what makes John Gardner’s story so powerful. In the original Beowulf, Grendel is a name to hate. In this version you don’t find yourself hating him as much because you too have made mistakes. It’s easy to connect to this beast. Beowulf however, is not as easy to relate to. He’s too perfect, too popular. The reason superheroes are so idolized is because they’re still human. Well, human enough. They are humanoid. They experience feelings, and emotions, and pain. So does Grendel, that’s why people don’t hate him. Beowulf is a saint made of gold, unreal and

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