August Wilson 's ' Fences ' Essay

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Some critics complain that August Wilson’s play are too subtle and that nothing happens. With Fences August Wilson proves that his plays are not too subtle, but they are in actuality dramatic. Fences is a dramatic work because it demonstrates many conflicts. August Wilson brings to light many problems that people dealt with at the time. In Fences Troy faces racism, has marital problems, and has problems with his two sons. First of all, August Wilson did a phenomenal job in demonstrating the reality of many African Americans at the time having to deal with racism. Troy Maxson struggles with never realizing his dream of becoming a player for the MLB simply because of the color of his skin. Throughout the play Troy talks about how his dream of becoming a big-league player did not get him anywhere. He talks about how he “[a]in’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of (69) because he was not able to play in the big leagues. African Americans at that time were not hired by the major leagues and they had to resign to only playing in the Negro Leagues. Troy believes that “if you could play ball then they ought to have let you play. Don’t care what color you were”(78). Another great way that August Wilson was able to bring to light racial discrimination is when Troy decides to question the decisions of his job. Troy is a garbage collector and at his job only the white men are able to drive the garbage trucks. Troy confronts Mr. Rand by asking why they have “the white…

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