Essay about Audit Case Study : Keystone Computers

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This paper will show an audit plan and the necessary steps to determine if I should select the client, the internal control procedures that need to be reviewed, the substantive tests, and the final reporting steps. The focus will be the outline of the Audit Case: Keystone Computers. Initially, looking over the information provided different section is given after the financial statements. The objective of the engagement is to describe the services to be provided to the client. So the objectives are the audit of Keystone and Computer & Network’s financial statement for the year ended 12/31/X5, and the issuance of a letter on compliance with the agreement of the client’s letter of credit agreement. Then the business and industry conditions are to describe the nature of the business and industry conditions of Keystone Computers & Network. KCN sells and install computer systems and networking hardware and software to its customer and also provides consultancy services relating to information technology. The market for computers and their related product is very completive and the industry is very sensitive. The long term success of KCN depends on its ability to attract and retain qualified information technology personnel. Its annual growth is expected to be three percent yearly for the next three years. The planning meeting is to inform about the meetings held with client and with auditor’s engagement team. One meeting has been held with the clients and one with the…

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