Essay about Atomic Weapons And Nuclear Weapons

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In late 1939, Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard, two world-renowned physicists, brought to light a new technology that could change the act of war: nuclear fission. Scientists now had the ability to split an atom’s nucleus and trigger an extremely destructive explosion. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, hesitant at first, agreed to the creation of The Manhattan Project with the goal of harnessing the newly found power source and developing a nuclear weapon. The United States had finally entered the global nuclear arms race, but many still had their reservations. Joseph Rotblat, a physicist that left The Manhattan Project and Nobel Peace Prize winner for his efforts for nuclear disarmament, was one of them. He cautioned all of humanity against nuclear weapons with this statement, “I have to bring to your notice a terrifying reality: with the development of nuclear weapons Man has acquired, for the first time in history, the technical means to destroy the whole of civilization in a single act.” Nuclear weapons may pose one of the largest threats against humanity, but that threat can also ensure a country’s safety.
At the beginning of World War II, Hitler and Nazi-Germany had claimed that they possessed the ability to rule the world with a single weapon. Terrified of the consequences, the rest of the world responded by preparing their own nuclear arms, thus starting a nuclear arms race. On July 16, 1945, six years after President Roosevelt approved the Manhattan Project, a…

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