Athenian Vs. Athenian Women Essay

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Sparta and Athens were two city-states that clashed greatly with each other in Greece. The life in both of these Greek places very vastly differs from each other, and the great differences among these two city-states eventually led them to war. There were similarities and differences involving how each city state acted politically, economically, culturally and socially. Along with these, the roles between Spartan and Athenian women differed as well. Sparta and Athens were both advanced and intelligent in their own ways which led each of them to find their own success.

To begin, each of these Greek city states differed mostly in their political aspect of the ruling. Sparta, located in Greece adopted a militaristic society which was ruled by two kings, also referred to as a Dual Monarchy. The government of Sparta was exclusively available to the upper class, wealthy people. Athens located in the southernmost part of Greece, had a democratic form of government where some of the people shared the power in an Oligarchy. An oligarchy consists of a small group of people that exercised political control. Athens was ruled by “the people” whereas Sparta was ruled “by few”. The “ekklesia” was the assembly that dealt with the issues such as; political, militaristic, and social matters in Athens. The ruler of Athens is elected annually, while Sparta’s two rulers, ruled until they died. Athens is also the capital and largest city of Greece which shows by their democratically structured…

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